25 July 2016

My Cushion by Innisfree - Old vs New Comparison

INNISFREE MY CUSHION - NEW CASES AND FORMULATIONSWell, ain't this embarassing. It's nearly the end of July and this is my first post this month...! A cushion haul this time. Lots of rambling, but a coherent line-up of everything in the My Cushion line by Innisfree at the end of the post. 

I actually had an ugly interaction with seafood a couple of weeks ago (they sneak those shells into soups and stuff all over the place and I'm allergic) and wow, did I not want to take pictures of my face. Especially the mouth area, which kind of sucks when all I normally do is review lip products. :'D

But I wanted to weigh in on the whole re-release craze of cushions that happened here in Korea over the last few months. A lot of the big players (Iope, Laneige, Innisfree...) have switched their old cushion designs for new ones, resulting in pretty packaging, sleeker forms, new (and better?) formulations AND re-fills that don't fit anywhere anymore.

I don't plan on replacing my Iope one, because the price tag there is a bit too hefty and I still own an old refill for the old case, but went ahead with the Innisfree 'My Cushion' cases. Their cushion formulations aren't the very best out there (Iope, Hera & Co win) but they out-perform cushion foundations in the same price range and the slight yellow undertones of their lightest shade has always been perfect for me. Their cushions are 'daily makeup' favorites of mine.

When Innisfree released their crazy amount of 100 different cushion cases for the 'My Cushion' line, I was disappointed since a lot of the patterns were repetitive. But there's some beauties among the 100, and they did upgrade the case design itself, too. I decided to go with a simple sky blue one, because mint and blue colors make me happy.

Already they have some limited editions added to the initial 100, so beware of even more future possibilities to empty out your wallet.

The original cases were already on the slim side, a lot less bulky than other cushions (Mamonde, Iope, Missha (small circumference, lots of height), Laneige) and perfect for storing in small bags and pouches, but the new ones are even tinier. They feel a lot more luxurious, too, thanks to the metallic accents and streamlined design.

The reason these babies are so slim? They have literally a hole in their case.

Nothing there.

Once the refill is inserted, you can actually still see the refill's casing, which has the nice effect of being able to read which formulation and shade you've inserted. If you're frequently switching between refills and get confused like me, you'll thank the K-Beauty gods. The expiration date is visible as well.

 The refills themselves are slightly different from their old counterparts, too, so they won't fit in the old Innisfree cases. Innisfree cushion parts were never really interchangeable with other brand's, either.

I went with the Ampoule Moisture Cushion, an old favorite of mine. While it's definitely not meant for summer, I really wanted to compare the new formulation to the old one. Their Long Wear Cushion is a bit too drying for my skin, and I have a nearly empty sponge of the Waterglow Cushion still in use.

While summers are very, very humid here in Korea, work days mostly mean sitting in air-conditioned rooms and my bedroom has an actual air de-humidifier, so I appreciate a splash of moisture-preserving foundation anyway.

Innisfree did change their color selection. Instead of the old system of having a shade #13, #21 and #23, they now differentiate between 'cool' and 'neutral', too. The available colors are C13, C21, N21 and N23. That scared me a bit - I love their warm but super light #13! Why make it cool-toned and possibly ghostly?

Luckily for me, they didn't go all-out on the pink undertones. I'd say this is more on the neutral side, cool-toned mostly just in comparison with their old shade selection. The yellow #13 fit me perfectly even in summer, but this one is a bit too white to go with a bit of summer tan. I'll keep it for winter usage and stick with my old Water Glow one for the moment.

The formulation itself is a bit heavier than their old Ampoule cushion, which was delightfully light while being very moisturizing. This feels a bit more creamy and sticky, and has slightly better coverage.

- VERY low coverage
- lightweight but moisturizing

- Low coverage
- Even more moisturizing
- Sticky feeling

UPDATE, November 2016: It's now definitely winter and cold here on Jeju, and I've been using this one constantly. Despite my initial reservations about the heavier consistency and the cool tone, it works really well on my dry, pale winter skin.
I use a very thin layer on top of a moisturizing sun screen, which leaves me with a glowy finish and protects my skin from the dry winter air. It holds up surprisingly well even during long work days - doesn't sink into fine lines or into pores, and stays moisturizing. The 'glow' disappears after a couple of hours, when you'll have to reapply if you want that look. It also builds really well, so re-application is easy and looks just as good as first application.
Doesn't cover up blemishes, so you'll need a concealer beneath or on top of it, though!

It's a question of preference, really. Some people may have hated the nearly not-there-coverage of the old formulation, but I really liked that for daily makeup, and occasional smudging wasn't even visible. The heavier texture of the new one will work out better in winter - whenever I go outside into the heat wearing this (without primer and/or powder) it does slide around horribly after a few hours, so be careful.

I'm so sorry for how ugly the old one (left) is. No excuse. 

The 'My Cushion' products include different kind of puffs, as well. There's a new version of the classic Air Magic Puff, now dubbed the one for a 'glowy' finish. They're now slightly smaller and thicker, which isn't the best thing to be honest. While the old ones left my foundation without any annoying border/stroke lines, I have to be careful with the new one. It works best if I only use the center of the puff. It's also harder to get the puff to absorb the foundation evenly. The finish is gorgeous as ever with the Air Magic Puffs, so it's mostly a question of getting used to the slightly stiffer texture.

The other Air Magic Puff Innisfree came out with is a brown one with a denser texture that's supposed to enhance the adherence and coverage of the foundation. The finish turns out more matte, too.

There's also a stamp-like sponge for maximum coverage, but that one doesn't fit into the case.

I really like the concept for these puffs - instead of switching out foundations, switching just the puffs can already make a difference. Since these retail for about 2000 Won, that's a lot cheaper than buying two different formulations. I used both for swatching in store and will hopefully get my hands on the brown one soon - I'd like to see how these work out when used at the same time (as in, brown one for the T-Zone and blue one for cheeks).

As of now, I went with the limited edition ones that were free with a cushion case purchase. How cute are these patterns?

I have to admit, I kinda just caved and bought the cushion a few weeks ago because of these little puffs. They make me happy.

Color-coordinating everything here.

So, to recap:

The My Cushion system by Innisfree focuses on individual preferences, making every step adjustable.

- 100 different cushion cases (plus 3 limited edition ones as of now), each 8000\

- 4 different cushion 'refills' in 4 different shades: C13, C21, N21, N23,
  ~ Water Glow Cushion
  ~ Ampoule Moisture Cushion
  ~ Long Wear Cover Cushion
  ~ Long Wear Waterproof Cushion
Plus a new addition of a sunscreen-only cushion refill, with SPF 50.
Each 12000\ for 14g of product

- 2 different Air Magic Puffs, one for coverage and a satiny finish, one for a glowy finish
(With some limited edition patterned ones)
Each retailing for 2000\

- Tools like a cushion foundation brush (10000\) and high-coverage sponge (5000\)

What will they throw at us next? :D (a N13 shade, pretty please? And some darker ones because hellooo, N23 is still pale by non-Korean standards.)

Before we get darker foundation shades, I guess they'll bring out the cushion blushes and highlighters for this line.

If you're still bored with the a-bit-more-than-hundred different cases, I did print stickers. ;)

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